Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post Number Three

I'm in love with the whole bulleted-Wednesday idea! it's so ..sweet!
  • Went to university today with my very amazing friend; Amr and got our papers and did some catching up!
  • Yesterday I bought this black dress at H&M and it was the first time for my boyfriend to actually go shopping with me. Then I went to watch him rehearse at the studio(with his band)
  • I took my brother to drive his bicycle on the sidewalk! we don't usually do that, so he was happy, very happy for that matter.
  • I start work on Sunday!!
  • Obama's inauguration! probably the most perfect thing that happened so far.
  • This. 
  • And this post on ZenHabits!
  • Mohammed(and Salalem) have a concert on Friday and I am really excited!
  • I have been closer to my cousin :)
  • How is everyone's week?
(Credit: 1.2.)

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