Sunday, January 25, 2009

First day..

Our work week starts today here in Egypt, which makes today my first day(at my new job). I don't know if I am excited or just scared. There are a lot of mixed feelings within me that I don't get. Mixed feelings that I try to cover under my anxiousness about what to wear, or my fear of looking like I am trying too hard.
This website is so very cute and I found one that I could relate to:

I do!!
 I have this KILLING urge to get a haircut...a pixie; my hair is a little past my shoulders ...and is freshly dyed! Dark brown.
Please do wish me luck! And I would be very thankful if you give me links of outfits you think would be cute for the "office" or post your own...I need ideas!

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afiori said...

Good luck!!! I'll send super good thoughts your way. You work on Sundays?!? Please tell us more about your new job! Yay!