Monday, January 12, 2009

The Happiness of Random

Maybe I got used to not posting?
I had a good weekend; Mohammed was here and we spent alot (but not enough) time together. He got me "How To Be an Explorer of the World" by Keri Smith!! I am so excited to finally own a copy!! And I am showing it around everywhere to make people happy; it's contagious!

People have been very random recently, or maybe I am the one who has been looking more inviting to conversation?

It started with a conversation in the bathroom with a couple of elderly American women who kept telling me how beautiful Cairo is and how lucky I am to be Egyptian! Then yesterday, this random guy came up to me and my cousin and asked us if it was okay for a 20 year old boy/man to marry a 22 year old girl/woman. It was so funny!
And again today, while I was waiting for two older foriegn men to get out of their car (for me to get into mine) and they appologized to have kept me waiting, they were being really nice and were joking about being old and fat, I wished them a nice day.
All three incidents have made me a lot happier, they, in fact, have made my day in one way or the other.
It just makes me happy to see others happy, to have someone smile at me!
Also, I saw one of my students today while I was picking my brother up from school; THAT TOO MADE ME HAPPY!

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LisaMay said...

Aww I love Keri Smith! Lucky you! :)