Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This whole "let's test her patience and let her do nothing" phase is killing me.

I am sitting here literally doing nothing but overhearing conversations and joining some, answering coworkers asking how I am and drinking coffee.

Very boring.

But I love Mme Anais! The amazing lade with whom I share the room/office.

Yesterday, I went with Mohammed and my mother to the mall; had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, and I bought three postcards (Audrey Hepburn; Breakfast at Tiffany's, Marilyn Monroe; I wanna be loved by you and the Dalai Lama's instructions for life) and I realized Marilyn's cleavage should be saved for my bulletin board in my bedroom.
We also got me a mug that has cute colorful paper clips drawn on it, a mouse pad with cute puppies on it, a better mouse than they gave me here, a metal trash bin in navy blue, green tea and mint infusion for me to enjoy while at work. (Since I don't have much to do otherwise, anyway). Then I went to the dentist to work on my root canal, then went home to sleep 5 hours(3rd day in a row)

Today! Salalem have a concert at 8 pm! I am so excited! I just hope tons of people show up, because I know they've been working hard.
I've also been journaling a lot!


afiori said...

Have fun at the concert (at least)! Hmm, hope your job will improve...

Adorevintage.com said...

Thank you for the lovely comment. Your new postcards sound lovely! I use to collect postcards, and coincidentally most were of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn! :)