Thursday, January 29, 2009

T is for..Thursday!

Title inspired by R is for Rodellee and ABC Adventures; two blogs I have come to love.

Today, as usual, I arrived first at the office and then I remembered to scold myself for having not updated for a while! And not commenting for that matter as well.
I have my hair in a french braid headband sort of thing, which instantaneously makes me feel pretty and sophisticated (the rest of my hair is up)
(except that both sides of my parting are braided)

Yesterday I had lunch with Mohammed at this really pretty restaurant which ALSO had great food; Condetti. And it was relatively cheap too! We both had soup and a main dish and coffee for 180 LE!( 32 USD, 261.5 SEK *for you, my good blogger friend*)
I have been looking at a lot of interior design blogs lately and I think I am getting addicted!
Anyway, I think we should all do this instead of the usual jump-out-of-bed-stare-dumbly-at- the-bathroom-mirror sort of thing. It's such a pretty and cute routine! So, tomorrow;when I can finally sleep in, I will do this!( Weekends in Egypt are Fridays and Saturdays)

I had this as my cellphone background for the longest while!

How would it feel walking alongside this?

What is everyone doing for Valentine's Day?
I don't know, I know it is amazing to celebrate love, but don't you think that such a divine feeling should be celebrate everyday?
Everyday I celebrate love, and celebrate being loved. I love with such intensity, I make a point of letting everyone I love know it; whether directly or indirectly (except for my mom, I have issues with showing her affection, but I love her all the same)
I think you should all do the same, make a festive act of the feeling, it's healthy, at least tell someone-only one person- you love them(and mean it) everyday. Leave notes at people's desks, cars, tables, mirrors; tell them something nice. Even if you don't know them! We are all citizens and inhabitants of one world.

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