Sunday, January 25, 2009

For Maria-Thérèse

Because I love her so much and I think she should get a post written just for her!
About my new job:

The Economic Research Forum is a non-governmental organization that is based in Egypt and researches the region of the Middle East and North Africa in addition to Iran and Turkey. I have no direct, obvious job description, though, all I know is that I am going to help with the publication of the working papers and their editing process and so on. Then, I am supposed to do some research. Their office is based in Dokki, very close to where I went to university(Cairo University) and there aren't much people working there so I am guessing it would be a friendly environment. I almost made a friend with an interviewee who seemed very nice, I hope they hire him; I would have a friend.
I am probably the youngest person there; 21.

Thing is, I haven't done much today and I found that very depressing. The two amazing people in my life woke me up today; Mohammed, and Menna. I love them. Love, love, love them.


afiori said...

YOU are so, so, so lovely! Thank you for your wonderful words and comments! Sounds like very important work; I'd love to hear more later. It's incredible to me that a girl in Egypt reads my blog!

haijekov said...