Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bulleted Wednesday #2

  • 13th of January, 2009
Today is one of my oldest friends, my first real boyfriend and one of the people I hold VERY dear's birthday.
Happy 22nd Birthday Amr...!
  • I am on my way to Alex! to see a new member of my extended family; my THIRD cousin got engaged and I am going to meet his fiancee. Not to mention the fact that I am going to see my boyfriend (because that goes without saying)
  • I am loving my new book...
  • I want to post this because I honestly want to show off how much of an amazing boyfriend I have. Last weekend when Mohammed came to see me, he bought me flowers, burgundy/ crimson carnations with a pink one in the middle. He asked if I knew what that meant/ signified and when I said no he said, "You are the light in the darkness". Isn't he gorgeous!!!


sara said...

what a charming man you have! he is like a prince.
also, your hair looks very pretty in this photo.


christina d said...

that picture is perfect. he seems sweet.