Monday, February 1, 2010

January List

Things I have done in January 2010 that I have never done before:

  1. Saw a Tanoura show.
  2. Visited Nader.
  3. Blood test. (for potential job)
  4. Went to Mogama' el Tahrir.
  5. Met a blogger friend!!! Who is an amazing friend indeed!
  6. abdominal ultrasound. (that same job)
  7. Went inside the great pyramid.
  8. Drove to the Giza Pyramids.
So yes, I might get the/a government job! And I am happy I had done all those things during what I had thought to be a very unproductive month!! Maybe set a target of ten new things during tiny February! What the? Why is it February already?

My mum's side of family is sort of having a reunion here in Cairo during the second week of February..and my sister turns 21 on the 21 which I think is SO FREAKING COOL! haha 21 on the 21! February is such a festive month! My mum's birthday, my sister's, Menna's, and a couple of more friends' birthdays. PLUS Valentine's- does anyone else think Valentine's is overrated?

How was your January?


Randi Lee said...

I'm 26 on the 12th! Ah, where does time go?!

Crossing my fingers for the job for you!

And I just read a fascinating article about Giza this morning. DYING to visit. The pictures, the words that describe the pictures... beautiful.

AND, you would be proud... when I went to the grocery yesterday, I bought mostly healthy... banana's, granola, peaches, chicken and pasta... the only disgusting vice I gave into was mac and cheese. I indulged last night... 4 tablespoons of butter. ewwww, I feel so gross about it now!

mart and lu said...

i completely agree that valentines day is overrated but i have to say i love the candy!

missy. said...

totally think valentines is WAAAAY overrated. which is why i am not celebrating it.. haah ;)

congrats on this job stuff! so excited to hear how it turns out!

oh and don't worry - music doodle post today.

love you!

Kym said...

awww! sounds like you accomplished a lot in January! woohoo!!! I would LOVE to see the pyramids.. one day, one day! :) congrats also on probably getting the gvnt job! what an accomplishment sara!!!! have a great week ahead!

COCAMIA said...

Good for you! You have accomplished quite a bit!

Vivi said...

blood test? abdominal ultrasound? did i miss anything? good luck with that job kid!!
what an amount of cakes you are going to eat this month! and for St. Valentines... don't be driven by the power of adverts and things like that... do something nice with all your loved ones.



Iva said...

what an awesome January Sara!! February will be even more amazing for you ;)

Shokoofeh said...


Chloe said...

I've always wanted to see the Pyramids of Egypt. Maybe in five years, I'll have the chance.

I agree with Valentines day being overrated. I especially hate it when I was single and feeling the pressure of finding a date. I'm married now but I still don't care much for it!

abigail said...

wow. that's an amazing January.

I am so happy it's february, because it means we're one month close to spring!

Kristin said...

I feel like my January went by so fast that I don't even know what I did with it. Here's to February being a productive month for all!!

Dawn said...

Giza pyramids...that would be exciting! Yet another place I would love to visit someday (if I ever get out again...) As for the blood test, have you ever had your blood taken before? Or was that the first time?

Miss B said...

Why on earth would any potential employers need to see pictures of your insides? Unless that potential job involves, say, organ donation, or surrogate child-bearing. That seems...insanely invasive, really.

And Valentine's Day is a crock, totally. Though I love valentine's cards that feature funny animals or weird cartoons. Also, I love that my ex-lover's mother used to refer to it as VD Day. And she wasn't trying to be funny. Which is why it was so incredibly funny.

But tomorrow -- tomorrow is Groundhog Day! A holiday all about a rodent! What is not to love???

Farah said...

I dont know what others think of Vday but I'm totally going to be i hiding when it arrives! =s

in company with sparkles said...

I like Valentine's day because my dad always got each of us girls a rose, and our grandma usually sent chocolate ;)

But this is my first year ever being non-single, so that will be extra special =)
So exciting to hear of all the things you got done! That's a wonderful feeling.

Ducks Like Tea said...

I lovee family reunions :).
Hope your February's a good one.

Athena. said...

Awwww, sounds like you had a busy January!
I've just started year 11, wow.
Hope your February's just as brilliant as January!

Anonymous said...

You need a blood test and an ultrasound to work in the government departments???????? That's insane!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

My January was mixed. I got to spend most of it Cairo, which was amazing. But then I came back to Holland where it is cold and dark :(
I got to go to Starbucks a lot and see all my friends and family - so on the whole Jan was good :)

Erimentha said...

awesome list & concept!