Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've been meaning to update all week...yes I have!
I am writing this while half asleep!

I know I need to update about a few things so a list is in order!
I have missed you...I have missed the community that I find in blogging, the very amazing community that it is. Honest!

  1. The first two weeks of my new job are an induction phase which I am going through right now and will continue until next week, I have met a few nice people- from different places and various backgrounds! I know, though, that I will be working in the investment promotion department.
  2. School is a bit messy.
  3. People are still kind. Very kind for that matter!
  4. I need pampering....I need to get my nails done, and my hair styled...etc! My hair is so...shapeless at the moment!
  5. It's the weekend!!
Do you know what that means? I get to update!! PROPERLY! I miss you.


Ju said...

Glad things are going well at new job. Go pamper yourself my dear, you deserve.


Sarah C said...

Yay, Sara! So glad that the job is going well thus far, and that you've met some nice people. They can make such a difference in a job! Hope you enjoy a little pampering this weekend.

DT said...

I am getting into a job too, it starts this Monday..

Adele said...

happy that the job is going well (: and glad that you're back! ps: remember to email me your address so i can send the necklace from the giveaway to you (: xo

Randi Lee said...

Miss you too!! And I'm glad the job is going well!!

Brittany said...

Can't wait for more updates on your great new job! Good luck!

Micaela said...

i am soooo glad for you the job is going well! i miss you!!!

and yes, you deserve a good pampering ;)

missy. said...

i miss you! i feel like i don't even know what is going on in your life anymore!! we need to have a moment to catch up.

so glad to hear things are going will with the new job! makes me so happy for you.

Vivi said...


I miss you soo much!!! First thing to do: Nails(and toes)&Hair, we can wait :)

I'm so happy things are going so fine, im so happy for you:)



sanchez said...

I miss you too!

I'm glad things are going good! :D

Anonymous said...

Lol good to see you back!

And definitely make some time for yourself....a little pampering session does WONDERS for you!

Erin said...

Happy Weekend!
Good luck in the new job, and thank goodness for the kindness of others. Hope you get to pamper yourself and get your hair and nails done.

Has your bookswap book arrived yet by any chance?

Kristin said...

The kindness of people has to make you smile!

Athena. said...

Awwwww, Sara I'm so happy for you :')
I love love love you!
I'm so proud of YOU!
I've missed you :)

Nahl said...

I'm sooo glad that your job has started off well. Give it time and you'll make amazing friends with those people too.
Aaaand..thanks SO much for your wonderful comment on my blog. It's so sweet of you. Made my day. =)