Monday, December 28, 2009

On Brilliance

On the fourth of March would be my bloggiversary! I am kind of excited. I have made a lot of friends during the past 9 months. I have received a lot of gifts and cards and love, and I have sent love but not enough gifts and cards. Shame on me!

Is it resolution time yet? I think it is. But then as Randi said, I am in a rut- and everything I think or do or say is influenced by it scares me.  am too scared to make resolutions. And I can't even write in my journal! But since I didn't have a Christmas wishlist... I have one wish that I would have realized very soon!

I have always wanted to own one of these gorgeous pieces!
Aya El Rakhawy, is a lovely designer!

wearing her own design (earrings)

In our culture, the Kaf, is very significant...and I think it makes a beautiful addition to "oriental" jewelery!
A few examples of her brilliant pieces:

That little hand is the kaf! The Kaf and the blue eye and blue in general is believed to keep away the evil eye. I don't know if such beliefs are essentially Bedouin, or routed to the fellahin, or overall Egyptian. But you just find them all over traditional Egyptian jewelery.

Don't you just love this ring?

The one in the middle is my initial! I love these!

So I am going to spoil myself for new years and buy me some of her designs! There's no point of saving up, really...If any of you want to join me please do!! Here's a link to the event.

Maybe I just need to spoil myself. I have a very strong desire to be alone, but then I know that's never good...GAH!

What are your new year's resolutions?
What do you think of her designs?


Sarah Alaoui said...

i LOVE the hand i think we call it the hand of fatima not sure of the official name i forgot

jewish people have it too i think its gorgeous and those designs are lovely with the blue i want one lol

Menna Tarek said...

The designs are beautiful and I have a birthday coming up very soon :)

Micaela said...

Sara, i looove that ring! GORGEOUS.

new years resolutions... well i will be making a big move so the first resolution i have is to not be a big baby about how sad i am to be away from my family.

the other is making our house feel like "home" again.

and the weight thing... gah, it's always there ;)


Anonymous said...

i like the pieces in the last and second photos the best.

nifer said...

I did a resolutions post today! Check it out @

April said...

I love her designs. My roommate has a few pieces with the Kaf and I've been looking for a piece with it. Everytime I come upon one though I'm not in the position to buy it.
I don't have any resolutions. My motto for the year though is: we'll see. I'm just intent on waiting things out, and putting as much effort into everything as I possibly can. Just my usual behavior, I guess.

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

5 LOOOOVE her designs! Esp. the one in her picture...those earrings are amazing!
I'A I'll be going to the open day :)

Kirsten said...

My god that ring is amazing!

Selma said...

The ring is amazing, possible way too big for my hand but it's a definite eye catcher! :) Love the necklace though! :)
And yes, hopefully you spoiled yourself. I just spoiled myself today, so this is good. :) haha. Sometimes, it's just needed!

Randi Lee said...

WOW!! Beautiful pieces!! And I think you should spoil yourself. You're worth it!

I'm still working on my resolutions for the year. I only know one: to start my own business.

We will be pretty boring this New Years. We're just hanging out at home and will perhaps have a few friends over! The more low key the event, the better these days. ;-)

REread said...

great jewellery ... beautiful ring!!

S.Elisabeth said...

So beautiful. I've seen those eyes in Greece before! I actually have some pieces with it. And go for it, buy some of the jewelry! It's gorgeous.

My new years resolution... hmm lighten up and have more fun =)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Those are gorgeous!! Spoil yourself honey.

Betty said...

Those are all beautiful, you should definitely get at least one piece for yourself.

I've decided not to make any New Year's resolutions, I'll just wait for them to come to me over the next year and see what happens :)

Have a wonderful 2010! :)

Gracie said...

They are lovely! I love the turquoise colour of a few of them. Definitely get some if you want to :) Spoil yourself!

Most of my resolutions I've posted on my blog. Really just do more the things I'd like to.

Kirsten said...

Aww thank you for your sweet comment!

in company with sparkles said...

I've been thinking a lot about the coming year and things that are important to me or should be, and should be priorities. Things that will last, things that will affect my great grandchildren, things having to do with my relationship with God. And how thankful and blessed I am for this past year!!
Tomorrow I would really like just a quiet day to reflect and think and try to write a little, and then going to the beach at midnight to watch fireworks reflect off the Burj al Arab. But I think we have to go to a party. Oh well!

Have a happy happy new year Sara!

Randi Lee said...

Not IF, WHEN I make it to Egypt, we will definitely meet! And I hope the same if you ever come to Florida!

Maria-Thérèse said...

The jewellery is GORGEOUS!!! Oh wow!!! I am normally not a fan of blue / turquoise but in this case - YES!

I am thinking of making a list of demands instead of resolutions... we'll see...

Btw I challenge you to write the best (or worst) thing that happened every month in 2009!

Dina's Days said...

These items are just beautiful. I just came across your blog, I'm from Jordan, now living in the states.Stop by Dina's Days!