Monday, December 14, 2009

Bits and bits!

I lost a follower today.

I didn't attend the concert in Alexandria, but I am attending the one here in Cairo!! It's tomorrow at the Sawy Culturewheel in Zamalek for all those who are in Cairo. Please come! Concert is at 8 pm.

I have met the guys- briefly (Autostrad band from Jordan) and it was the first time for me to meet any Jordanians... I wanted to ask how different it was to live under monarchical rule but thought it would be very awkward of me. To just randomly ask that.

So yes, I know all I write about now is university stuff- but I got my study questions today and....UHHH I have a ton of readings to do for my economics final.

I need the proper credits for this! here

I'll be back to proper posting after the 20th, yay? January is almost here!!! Liz is coming! Oh so very excited!

Inspiration! via here.

Relationship Question: is age just a number? What about religion....and nationality? Values, culture and beliefs?


Randi Lee said...

Oh, the relationship questions are deep! You know I like that!

My vague/contradicting opinions:
-Age: yes and no. Yes in the sense that every person matures a different rates, so it's possible to have an 18 year old with the same maturity level as yourself. No, I do believe that at different ages you've experienced so much more or less than other ages, in a very general sense. There's always an exception to the rule, however, a 21 year old vs a 32 year old will usually be at different stages of their lives and looking for different things: i.e. travel, kids, marriage, the whole lot.
-Religion/nationality: dependent on the people. Mainly you. How important is it to YOU that your significant other has the same religious beliefs as you? Or be as convicted in their beliefs? The same with nationality... and come to think of it values/cultures/and beliefs. To me it's very important that my significant other and I see eye to eye in respect to religion, values, cultures, and beliefs. I love diversity, and love when he challenges me on something I do believe, but for the really really really important beliefs and values (religion, family, finances, fidelity) it's important that we see eye to eye.

Nationality- Alex and I are the same nationality, however, I did date a Guatemalan for quite some time before I dated Alex. And the difference in our cultures was one of the things I did love about our relationship. I loved being around his family and experiencing their traditions.

Ok... I'm done with my book :-)

S.Elisabeth said...

I feel like if you're truly meant to be with someone, none of it matters regardless of how different. If religion, etc does come into to play and you let it come into play, than it isn't going to work out.

Good luck with your final! And ha the Jordan question would be something I'd blurt out!

Anonymous said...

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Selma said...

Take your time with blogging. We'll be waiting for you. :)
And well, if you are truly meant for someone nothing matters...age, religion, family issues, values and beliefs. Granted, we all look for some similarities and hope to find someone that shares the same values and beliefs at some point but sometimes this is not working out...the perfect match might be exactly what you hope NOT to get, and end up having the best time with that "wrong" person. ;) The age...yes and no. I believe though that the bigger the age gap the less similarities you'll find and get TODAY. I see that in my friend's hubby, he's ten years older and what we've been doing for the past months is what he did ten years ago...funny somehow. Though, as long as it works...who cares! Oh I could go on and on and on...

Farah said...

dont sweat it on the loosing followers babe, it happens! your blog rocks still! ;)

hmm...relationship question ey? well I think all the above matters. For you to have a successful relationship everything counts. I know how often it is people say that opposites attract and all that jazz but the reality is that if you want to build a successful home life, you need to share the same values and beliefs. Culture will only play an important role if you have a very orthodox family. If not its easy does it. However age, for me is not just a number. I would want to be with a man and not a boy. Maturity is important and so is the fact that my man should be able to handle my shit. And for me, that comes with age. and if you were wondering, boypren is five years older than me and I wouldn't have it any other way! ;)

Anonymous said...

That last picture is so lovely!

in company with sparkles said...

I think age is (mostly) just a number, and nationality doesn't matter, but religion is everything! Or faith, rather. The person's relationship with God and their convictions and worldview. Because that affects everything in life, your marriage, your children. For me as a Christian, I am commanded not to marry anyone who isn't. For us marriage represents something much bigger than just a man and a woman, and so for me to marry a nonChristian would be to deny what it's a picture of - Christ and the church. Maybe that's a confusing answer but it's a little of the rarely seen reason behind it =)
I'm in a courtship, and if my 'suitor' and I weren't perfectly matched in every way regarding God, it wouldn't work because if we were to marry, he would be leading me spiritually and we have to be agreed in the core things so I can trust and follow him.
Culture can be worked with even if it's hard, I think...diversity is fun but might take work!
I love your opinion questions Sara!


Kristin said...

I really don't think the followers number is accurate. We go up one or two daily. Don't give it a second thought! I hope school is winding down for you and that you get a lovely break.: )

tiger said...