Saturday, December 12, 2009


  • I am almost entirely disconnected from the internet world...well apart from my farm..on farmville that is- not ashamed to admit that!!
  • I have a final on the 20th and a paper to submit on the 19th. My thoughts? I am scared. Because I want As...I am scared. Very, very scared.
  • But my uncle Steve reminded me today- that you are in control of your own happiness.."remember Godot" he said! I have a very wise family, you see! I have 3200 words to write in a week...doable?
  • I miss going out with my friends.
  • I miss my blog. I miss you, fellow bloggers! 
  • I have one Christmas card left to send.
  • I miss Alexandria. I've had grilled fish two days in a row today!

beautiful Alexandria- my own photo.

How is everyone? Let me know!! I need your good luck wishes...I do.


Barry said...

Hi Sara,

The best thing you can do is to make a very conscious effort every day to mentally take some pressure off yourself. Relax that space between your ears and it'll come to you more readily and naturally, I promise.

Godot huh? I don't know if I'll ever understand existentialism or the genius of Beckett. My brain hurt too much when I studied this. Your uncle seems like a wise man though!

Best of luck with your paper, I'm sure you'll do just fine. :)


sawan said...

that fish luks yummy!!! i am hungry :(

merry christmas in advance :)

Adele said...

hi hun!! I just received your mail (: thank you!! ps: i was so excited to see all those foreign stamps. hehe. good luck with your paper, im sure you'll ace it! (: xx

Anna said...

My beautiful twin-ny blogger--

I have finals next week, too!!!!!!!!!! i have a 3,200 page paper due, toooo!!!!! we are totally connected at heart, no matter the distance!!

i love you, lots of thoughts & wishes of success to you!!

Nahla said...

my exams is very very soon and I'm freaking out too
good luck sara :)
and you know Alex in winter is something else <3 so beautiful

Shaista said...

Good luck Sara, kick those exams into shape!!
I am going back into hospital on Monday so this is my last hurrah with the internet before I enter the Stone Ages where needles and blood abound but google is nowhere to be found :)

magnoliaamber said...

Hi Sara, I am back for blogging and you are one of the blog I should be reading!

Anonymous said...

yup, very doable, if you think positive and put you mind to it.

what is it about farmville that has everyone hooked? i fail to understand it)

Mohammed J. said...

you have been missed
Have faith in yourself
I have faith in you

Anonymous said...

great photo and good luck on the paper!

re: I actually have a Toshiba but it's having some issues. that's why i want a new laptop but i love Toshiba's! and they are expensive.

missy. said...

Lady I miss you! Good luck on your papers! Come back to us soon. Loves :)

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Good luck sweets!
I hope everything goes well :)

Selma said...

Sara, we miss you too!!! Fingers are crossed and yes, it's all doable! :D And I had to laugh at the farmville thing... ;) Plus, hey, once it's all done, you are back on track doing what you've been missing for a while! Think positive!!!!!


Randi Lee said...

Good luck, my dear! Even though I know you'll do wonderfully!

Gracie said...

I truly hope everything goes well for you! And you will do fantastic on your finals and get the grades you want!! Take care of yourself xx

nifer said...

Good luck with the end of the semester! I know it's tough making that final push, but you'll feel so much better in a week!

~ Jen