Monday, December 14, 2009

Books that you should read

I have book recommendations:
  1. Whatever happened to the Egyptians?- Galal Amin
  2. Whatever else happened to the Egyptians?- Galal Amin
  3. Beer in the Snooker Club- Waguih Ghali
  4. Season of Migration to the North- Tayeb Salih

1 and 2 are non-fiction and they are translated from Arabic, Galal Amin is a prominent Egyptian's on amazon though. I enjoyed reading them a lot. The explain why my society is how it's like today- it's a bit too realistic for my taste, however.

Beer in the Snooker Club was written in English, by an Egyptian Copt who lived in England and eventually commit suicide in 1969. You can view it as an autobiography in disguise. It's a beautiful book!!

Season of Migration to the North is based in Sudan and it tells the story of a man going through identity crisis if I may say, al Tayeb Salih passed away earlier this year and the book was translated soon after (or at least I began seeing the translated copy soon after!)

Well, I know these aren't the books an average reader would read but they provide insight to a society...they're not an "Alexandria Quartet" sort of thing.. Beer in the Snooker Club and Season of Migration to the North make great Christmas gifts too!


Wessam said...

I was just talking with a friend about whatever happened to the egyptians, galal amin is not necessarily my cup of tea, but i relate to his analysis.

have a good week, remind me to give you a couple of books that'll blow your cranium

Nahla said...
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Nahla said...

thanks for the recommendations ... i really wanna read a book those days :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

love, love getting new book suggestions!

sanchez said...

Ahhh holidays are just the time for readings.

Sorry I haven't commented lately. I've been rather busy.

Nice to hear from you again <3


Loni said...

thanx for all the recommendations!
I'm happy to discover your blog!

abigail said...

I'm looking for a good book. I'll head to the library tomorrow and see if I can find any of these.