Monday, December 7, 2009

Because it is all a puzzle afterall

Meet my best friend... Menna . New to the blogging world.

I don't know if you can tell- or if I can tell for that matter- how and why we're best friends. It just is. You know things that just are?

Yes, it just is.

I've been very busy with uni work. And it's very, very hectic- but I procrastinate...a lot. I've also been busy adjusting to the fact that my father now lives with us. It's a bit weird. And a bit of a burden to be honest. Because it's one more person at the top of the hierarchy but it's okay. He's my father and I love him.

I've been mistaken for my mother in one of the photos of her as an 18 year old (maybe) and it was a serious shock for me. I know I look like my mother's side of the family- but not like my mother!

click to enlarge.

I am obviously craving salmon maki....and sashimi. The boyfriend has this big concert today with a Jordanian band who I am very looking forward to meet!!! I'll get him to post about it here (to make up for my lack of posting)

that's the event's poster...

Is it just my account that won't let me upload pictures through URLs?


Paulina said...

good luck with all your school work, I know it can seem endless, but just hang in!!!

ps: that sushi looks DELISH.

missy. said...

your mother muust be beautiful.

and have fun at the boyfriends concert! excited to hear the details.

love you darling.

Adele said...

keep going with work! we;re at the same place right now so i totally understand (: urgh i want some sushi and sashimi!

Kym said...

i hope the hecticness dies down in a bit!!! now i'm also craving sushi... yummmm... and i totally know what you mean about things that... just are. :) happy monday or tuesday... or whatever day it is there! hehe!

Menna Tarek said...

Awww....I love you!
Yeah the father, hang in there.

Maria-Thérèse said...

Hang in there and remember that things can be fun :)

I offered to come hug you and then I went waaaay up further north in Sweden instead - *sigh* - now that is some friend :-S

bananas. said...

i wish i looked more like my mother. she was gorgeous when she was younger.

i would love to see that picture btw.

Mohammed J. said...

looking forward to my guest post :)
you are beautiful anyway
in your own different way

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

That is so sweet, looking like your mum! Hope all goes well with all that uni work.


Randi Lee said...

ahh, I can relate (as always)! It's always hard to have someone living with you (no matter how much you love them)! My best friend came and lived with me for a few months at the beginning of the year, and I love her to death, but it was difficult. Hang in there!

Farah said...

Good luck with the schoolwork babe, I am going to be getting into that pretty soon! I cant wait! ;)

Saskia said...

Lots of luck this week Sara... hope all your work goes well.


Ju said...

Hello my darling, good luck with all. Where is that picture of your mum as teenager? Would love to see it.
I'm planning a family tree photo montage very soon.

BTW: Just joined your friend Menna's blog. Friend of Sara is a friend of mine.

BTW2: I had sushi for lunch today, funny.

Anonymous said...

sushi is amazing!

Michelle said...

Ooh have fun at the concert!

Gracie said...

Hope it all goes well with school! And it's nice to look like your mother :) I get it all the time.

Have fun at the concert!

in company with sparkles said...

I've been mistaken for my father's wife so many times too!! I suppose I can look older, and also he looks very young! Especially when he shaves his beard, he looks scarcely thirty - or less! But still it's weird ;) Sushi sounds good right now. Enjoy the event!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice! what would you recommend?

مى said...


beautifulnemo said...

Hi my dear Sara,
How did the concert go?
I wish you all the good luck with your uni.
And sushi... mmmmm. :)

I send you a big big hug from Madrid.

Selma said...

Yay on Sashimi!!! Haven't had any in so long...about time, I guess?! ;) Oh I so wanna see that picture!!!