Thursday, July 2, 2009


Everyone should see this, and try to win this; an awesome giveaway!
My last day at this job is the 21st of July. Can you believe is July already?! I love you, every single one of you. Every person who reads this, and I do hope you take this personally. Because I love you. I do. I love how the feel better comments have actually made me feel better. That each comment is making me smile. Every time I read one, I smile. Because I take them personally. And believe in their sincerity

Thank you for being my smile-generators! Instant happiness is priceless.

I found this through Bambola (girl with the big brown eyes or rather Bambola's Diary!) and I think everyone should take part in this. Yes, do it. Now.

I am listening to Robbie William's "Swing When You're Winning" and I have neon pink nails, freshly pedicured toes...and I can't help but feel happy.

The things that are making me happy at the moment:

here(the exact one I have painted on my nails!) 
My cousins are on their plane from England!Right now, as I write this. AAAAAAH
Studying for my GRE (which I sit for on Monday)

So, again thank you for your comments (I love you) and please wish me luck with my boyfriend issues. And with my exams. It's the WEEKEND!

What are your plans for this weekend?


Bambola said...

This is me wishing you luck with your boyfriend issues ***>_<***

I can't wait to get that journal! Hopefully, you'll get it first so I can read your entry =P

Much love sweetheart.

Bambola x

Anonymous said...

My weekend starts as of now! I left work half an hour early and did a bit of shopping to get that out of the way of home time. I will be spending tomorrow with my kids doing some creatuve fun stuff. Saturday though is again back to work as I have a weekend workshop to attend. what a bummer! here's wishing you all the luck in the world!

Organic Meatbag said...

Wow, this is my first time reading your blog and I can say that you are easily one of the nicest if not THE nicest blogger I have ever seen!

dapper kid said...

What an absolutely lovely nail colour :) Ooh and yay for your cousins coming to visit! And lots and lots of good luck with the boyfriend issues dear.

Oh, and you are officially down on the project list now!

Anna said...

reading that you are happy made me happy!! i hope your smiles continue & good luck with your boy & your test!! {i have a feeling both will work out swimmingly!}
enjoy spending such special time with your cousins! cousins are such a very special thing. : )
xo darling-

Belle said...

Aw goodluck with your boyfriend issues and exams darling girl!! You are my smile generator as well!!
And I just love the diary idea from dapper kid! so clever! xoxoox

(I have invited you to my new blog darling! xxx)

Anonymous said...

Awh I feel like you're feeling better and that's so great to see!!!

And bonne chance avec tes examans (obviously french isn't my strongest talent :D) and lot's of luck with the bf stuff ...but don't worry ...I feel things will work out for you're too nice for them not to! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck my darling! That is such a fabulous nail polish colour, I'm loving pink nails lately, always used to be a red girl!x


I HEART this post of you Sara! I do! it's so so positive that makes me smile too!
You are yourself a beautiful lovely smile generator! wow what a word!
{smile generator}! I will use it more often!
and I love you too, personally!

:) ---> my smile|your smile ---> :)

Good luck with GRE, you should tell me more about it later when we chat, okay?
and good luck with Mohammed!
maybe someday these issues seem so funny,hah?

take care!

georgia b. said...

so happy to hear when you're happy.

this weekend i will blog, see my mom, clean my house, catch up on the things i am behind in and see friends.

good luck with b.f. issues. :)

have a wonderful time with your cousins.

S.Elisabeth said...

Good luck with your boyfriend, I hope you guys end up happy no matter what happens.
And I'm so glad your in much better spirits!!

Farah said...

lots and lots and lots of luck dear girl! dont worry everything will work out alright! =)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Love that color! And I hope everything works out with your boyfriend doll! Sending you happy thoughts! XO

nicole addison said...

i am sending you all the good luck i have in myslef towards you and your boy :) my boy and i have had our share of downtimes and struggles in the last 6 months and i learned that, in my life, there is nothing more important than him. i decided to give us my all and we have never been better. you are lovely and i'm very sure everything will work out for the best. hugs!

Mandy said...

I sent you an award thingy hope you do well in your exam

Mika said...

Hi, This weekend I saw a great band (kings of Leon) and after that a great party, what do I want more in life. Good luck with the boy. Mika (

cuileann said...

I am going to my oldest cousin's wedding!

I'm wearing black, and I'm a leetle bit nervous about it. But just a little.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i have that album too :)

in company with sparkles said...

Ahhhh I NEVER win things online! I'm so excited about the photograph; thank you so much!
I do hope the concert is amazing and that your special letter comes soon. May life feel beautiful again soon. I'm proud of you for holding onto the idea anyway!

with love,

Aya said...

I'm painting my fingernails red right now :-)

Anonymous said...

You've been MIA ....hope everything's ok with you, Sara! *hug*

Lilee said...

that is an awesime pic! love it heaps!