Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here's to:

Why does this have to be so true?

"You cannot go back in time, even if you wish it with every fiber of your being, your heart and soul, even if you think about it every day. Trust me. I know."  here

"That's what you don't get. To find two people who have the same heart isn't a coincidence. It's a God damn miracle. And it happens every day."  Also, I wrote this for you.

I just love how those posts speak to me. They speak to me, yet cannot entirely convince me.

I am stubborn like that... I am stubborn enough to know something and not act upon it...or maybe stupid is the right word.
 I took that, Pete's camera

Here's to not being stupid and actually having fun.
Here's to enjoying the few days I have left of being 21.
Here's to doing things to stop the future what ifs, or enhance them.  Or change their direction altogether.
Here's to pictures you never knew were taken.

Taken by Pete, me in that dress
Here's to actually enjoying the life we were meant to live.
Here's to seeing beauty.

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georgia b. said...

yes, here's to seeing beauty.

your last couple of posts have been so heartful. i can sense your deep longing and yearnings. i hope all is okay. sorry your relatives had to leave. but i'm glad you had a nice time with them.


alissa said...

mmm i love that top image - its beautiful - and sad too. I hope things are going well :)

Miss B said...

Well, Miss Birthday-Twin, you have almost an entire month left of being 21, technically (and I one more month -- almost -- of being 28...though I don't really know what that means). A month can be an infinity; it can be a heartbeat. Here's to it being whichever would please you the most...

(We will have to do something ridiculous on our birthday, the same thing, and take a photograph of ourselves doing it and send it to each other so we can say we celebrated our birthday together. Something involving balloons, maybe...)

Anna said...

here's to beautiful, sincere posts like this...

you are in my thoughts, friend.

don't ever forget:


Anonymous said...

Lovely post.You are tiny.My daughter who is about 2 years older is tiny as well but maybe an inch taller.Have a nice week, oh and Happy birthday if I forget.

melissa said...

thanks for the visit and the birthday wishes, sara!
i was reading through your blog and you are one wise cookie! i love the pictures and the ube recipe too, which i will try soon!

Farah said...

83 followers now! ;)

hannah said...

lovely little blog :-)

Dionne said...

Spending time with the fam is always a treasure. Great pics!

nicole addison said...

aw yes here's to beauty. lovely post girl :)