Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I have;


This image is almost exactly similar to my red Moleskine, the one I had lost..

I have a tag post waiting to be edited and posted!
I have potential waiting to be explored.

I have a self waiting to be discovered.

I have so many things waiting for me, I would only be lying if I said I had nothing. Because I have everything; waiting for me. I wish I could have the whole world on pause while I go through my phase of self-realization. I think I need to get away?

Maybe somewhere in Egypt..maybe not. I would ideally go to Paris, alone. And visit Shakespeare and Co. EVERYDAY. Maybe I should pack my bags and go.

I above all have a loving family. A loving social circle. I have a best friend who is now in Paris!!
I have a big, big family.
I have a blog that I love.

And a Moleskine that carries my words.

Ahhh I want to go: here, and here oh and here

I have a heart that is capable to love.

I have a self that has the capacity to embrace the entire world.

I have pride!


Anonymous said...

I love that first picture!

Oh and definitely go to Paris!!!!! Take some time off and get your head together in one of the loveliest places in the world!!!!

Oh and I'm just letting everyone in my blogroll know that I'm running a competition (just giving you guys a heads-up as a thank you for entertaining me during the last few months in work!!!): http://chicknamedhermia.wordpress.com/2009/07/29/surprise/

Anonymous said...

I think you should go.Your so young yet, go take a break and enjoy your time young.God Bless!You could come to the states,lol.

Elizabeth Marie said...

OH I LOVE this! Definitely go to Paris. And what great blessings you have in your life-friends, family and of course your fabulous blog :)

Thank you for letting us all be a part of your journey! XO

Maria-Thérèse said...

You should GO! Pack your little bag! :D

Thank you for reminding me about the bookstore - STILL haven't contacted them, gah!

Anna said...

love is all you need...& a moleskin!!
i have one & i absolutely love it, too!! : )
paris...oh how i wish i could visit there. someday...right?

keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

I dont want to be nosey, but I guess I am when I ask if your still getting married?Just havent heard much about that recently.Enjoy the rest of the week Sara!

Jodes said...

Very positive post, missy!
Lovely images, lovely affirmations.
Glad I'm back on the blog circuit, I've missed you!

alissa said...

that first picture is awesome.

you should go! to all of the above:)

Miss B said...

Pack a bag and go somewhere. Anywhere you want to. There's nothing finer than travelling alone, in my opinion.

Personally, I found Paris to be the embodiment of a panic attack -- but that was probably due to the fact that I was there with a friend, and I don't really like travelling with people. And, physically, it was just exhausting. You know how I love London, though! (Italy is excellent, excellent, also -- strange how I love Italy but was, in many ways, kind of lukewarm over Paris...)

I think I'm in the minority here, though -- almost everyone I know loves Paris to pieces.

(I'll be in London and Geneva at the end of November -- if you find yourself somewhere then, we could meet and have a late birthday glass of champagne!)

Oh, and what you asked me before -- yes. I think you should definitely bring it up, if it's something you want to bring up.

Blowing you kisses across the miles...

georgia b. said...

i like this post . . . how you focused on the good things you do have. something we all should do from time to time. i'm glad you have so many good things, too.