Saturday, September 20, 2008

To Miss a Smile

I would rather keep this annonymous, but there's a smile I miss, a smile whose bearer is not absent, but rather distamt. Rather forgetting to smile.
No they're not frowning either, just not smiling.
Not smiling sincere enough.
Not smiling warm enough.

They had a smile that would make everything seem okay, no matter how bad of a day you're going through. A smile so bright, with eyes beaming with glee and a soul that glows. A smile that simply, and effortlessly makes you happy. Yes, at the sight of such a smile you can't help it! You're just instantaneously happy. (I promise!)

Because that's the person they are, originally; that's the person they used to be.

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Ahmed Al-Sabbagh said...

Happy to see your post
and to see my blog in your blog list

thank you so much sara

ramadan karim