Monday, September 8, 2008


Passion to desire is like a matchbox to fire.
It even rhymes.
Inspiration finds me at times when I have other things to do, but would rather do anything else-if that makes sense.
Passion to youth is like matches to a matchbox; they come together, there is no matchbox without its matches and no matches without their box.
And so, I choose to call youth the fountain of passion. It is natural that at our most youthful we are most passionate and only the passionate are capable of doing great things.
Only great things make you feel happy. Make you feel happy about yourself.

Link and Video time:
  • I don't think I am as creative as I should be, I look at this: Lace and Flora.
  • I found this site today: Site. and I think I am in love.
I am afraid that's it for today, I have a make-up exam on Tuesday and should be studying!
Until next time, please do show some love. And your thoughts on passion!

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afiori said...

Passion to me is creativity, travelling to other countries, music, art, reading something and thinking "hey, I completely agree!", being happy and inspired and able to inspire others.