Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have been dreaming up a home

Ramadan is coming to an end, and for most Muslims, this is a time to reflect.
I take this opportunity to reflect on a lot of things, to meditate as I pray, to think in retrospect and decide things for myself.

I still haven't found a job, yet another month unemployed.

I'm rather on a journey of self-exploration, setting goals and objectives, changing up my bullet-in board, etc.

I need inspiration.

I need to move out! It was ever since I've visted the only married couple I know, I have been craving it; a space of my own. And, I am trying to put it all together, how I want my place to be. Deciding on an aura and a color theme, and a theme in general, keeping in mind that it has to be minimalist.

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