Monday, July 28, 2008

Homesickness is not cute

I can't think of a proper title for this entry. I can't say that I am in my best of moods, only then will I be lying. Well, lie to me and tell me the news I heard yesterday wasn't true. Tell me it wasn't true. Tell me hard work really does pay off. Tell me that you are rewarded in accordance with the level of effort you exert. Tell me this world is still perfect. Tell me that if you think positive, you get nothing but positive. Tell me I am not a drama queen.
On another note, I wrote this earlier:

I want to be a mermaid,
Tanning by the Mediterranean sea.
I want to be the pebbles,
playing with the Red sea waves.
I want to be the sun shining,
on Egyptian early mornings.
I want to be the moon watching,
over their late busy nights.
I sit here stranded,
on a land that is not mine.
A hundred planes have landed,
time hasn't come yet for mine.
I miss home,
and how she smiles at me.
I miss the sudden urges to get out of the house,
spending all the money I have,
with nothing to worry about.
I am sick of wonder.
Trying to picture how their days are spent,
when mine just creep by.
Sneaky and slow.
I am thirsty for Egyptian water (and WiFi)
Uncensored magazines and non-filtered websites
I am homesick. 
Please note that this wasn't in any way meant to be a poem, so no judging on schemes and such things, it is not a poem, just a series of broken sentences, because this seems to be how I tend to think. In fragments.
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