Sunday, July 20, 2008

For old time's sake

Have I mentioned my hate towards this country? Or at least how much I hate the time wasted in vain here- just sitting there because there is entirely nothing to do?
Yes, I hate wasting time in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
I should be back home working in the laid back atmosphere of one of Egypt's most successful youth based magazines.
I should be enjoying the joyful Egyptian July sun.
I should have celebrated my boyfriend's 23rd birthday with him.
Instead, I am here.
So, in efforts to make my current reality a bit more...appealing, or a little less mortifying for that matter, I have:
  1. Read "Girls of Riyadh", "Eat pray love" and "pay it forward" which all are great books and are highly recommended reads for that matter.
  2. Watching a bit of TV for a change.
  3. Missing Campus magazine and G mag like crazy.
  4. Text messaging my fingers off.


sui-generis said...
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sui-generis said...

I've stumbloed upon your blog and ended up going through it little by little, and I was impressed..

You're a great writer and I am sure you will do very well, whatever it is you choose to end up doing.

However, while this maybe pretty random.. I chose to comment here in particular because I was stunned by the opening sentence and felt like you saying that you harbor such hatred towards a country? (one where your dad works in) is just very harsh..

I am sure you didn't mean to come off that way, but as a reader, I was surprised by the tone it carries. So you should be more careful with that because it can come off as being offensive.

But besides that, great posts and lovely images!
Good luck