Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hippie Thoughts

I always get those random thoughts; I'll go hippie on my hair and grow i out. Which, I am currently doing.
I'll take up yoga, and I'm in the process of transferring myself into a humble yogi (ni).

Then the other day, on Thursday before we headed off to Medinah, it hit me:

Love is Light. White light.
Yes, love is light. White light desiccates into the seven colors of the rainbow. Love broken down, is a mix of all those complex emotions. Those of care, jealousy, tenderness, brother/sisterhood, belonging...etc. Think about it.
You do those so many things in the name of love, in the face of love. And when you come to think of it, whoever it is you love is so many things in one.

Medinah is a very spiritual place in itself, everything is so...white! And when you're inside al Masjid al Nabawi, when they open the rooftop, you can look into an incredibly clear sky. You can meditate, you can listen to this very silent sound beyond the crying babies, beyond the random women reciting the Quran. You become suddenly spiritual. Entirely.

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