Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holly Golightly

I have been reading Breakfast at Tiffany's and researching fashion for this article I had to write for an AIESEC magazine, so I have been a bit inspired; fashion-wise.
No, I haven't yet reached the point where I'm going to walk down the street sporting a tiara!But here's what I have put together:
First three pictures are courtesy of Pink Mascara, 4th is of Google. I know this is not a complete outfit, missing a bag and a string of pearls maybe. But! The amazing shade of nail polish brings this edge to the classic-ness of the dress.
It was only today that I realized that I could do anything, anything in the whole world, upon knowing someone I care for believes in me. Maybe knowing that someone does, I could change the world. I could, at least, change a single person's world. And that has been my all-time dream.
I think I miss Moleskines.
Give your face some exercise today; smile!

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