Friday, November 12, 2010

A Week Later

  • Sometimes school can be overwhelming, especially when I am trying to balance that with so many other things. I am no trying to inflate my importance or anything.I just have the tendency to stretch myself and try to go to the gym after work, then try to see everyone, and please my parents, and study all in one day.
  • Also, I have encountered one great misfortune within the past two weeks, I am still mourning. But my iPod died. And it had every paper I have written, every photo I've taken and all the songs. Now, I am iPod-less. And I hate it. I have a new laptop though! Finally! 
  • Eid is on Tuesday, and so Eid break starts on Monday, I have a break ahead of me and it feel so great (despite the fact that I have to study...) 
  • I won Lauren's giveaway!! And I love everything in Shawnee's shop that I can't really decide (I am very indecisive)
  • There's so much going on, and I don't know if I am ready to share yet. Maybe when I am, I will. But I just need to share this: I couldn't be any happier. And I am just so thankful for that. 
  • Don't you just hate it when you are so disconnected at a certain point, and you go somewhere else in your head, think of things in far away lands, not because you don't want to be here, but because you so much want to leave a good impression and it's hard to stay "here"? I know I am not making sense. I am trying to. But I wasn't making sense to myself, either.

This was originally a post that wasn't in bullets, then I realized it was too fragmented. I can't think straight now. How is everyone? I sincerely would like to know :)
Oh God, this photo is just beautiful, and the colours and the light...perfect! I want that, I want to be there. Now.


Dinah. said...

You are lovey <3
Have a blissful Friday xx

Anonymous said...

Nooooo not the iPod!!!

And you share whenever you feel ready to!

sfd said...

I want to be in that bed too right now, so you have to wait your turn :)
Good to see you're happy :)

Answer My Dream said...

School can be very overwhelming and I feel the same way with trying to see and please everyone and study all in one day, It's hard, but you just need to pick out what's important to you and focus on that :).

Winnie said...

So sorry about the iPod! I'd be pretty upset if mine broke too. Love that photo, it's so dreamy!

Gracie said...

Oh no! An iPod dying is very sad. I hope you get another one soon.

That photo is utterly amazing! It looks comfortable and great place to relax.

Farah said...

Hey love! I see that you have still left me hanging on the update of your little news there! I am expecting it soon Sara! hahahahaha

and I get your stresses on school. am going through the same crap as you are. papers to submit and all. :( boo.

Have a great week ahead love and Happy Eid! xo

Anonymous said...

Sara dear, I know how school can be exhausting. It is one of the reason for my break up..
I'm doing well. Thank you. Brenton and I still care about each other like we used to. We just have so much going on for us. Maybe we'll get back together in the future. If not, I'll be more than glad to remain friends with such a lovely person like Brenton.
Have a great week.


Indie.Tea said...

I completely understand (feeling overwhelmed with school too)...
I hope that things improve for you. And have a lovely Eid :)