Sunday, November 21, 2010

On Freedom

I have mentioned it here before that I lost my dear iPod classic, and I shall replace it someday. I lost academic papers, "writing", music, photos and films on that iPod.

Two or three years of my life. And I am to start over.

The thing is, it all seems quintessential, because I have to start anew, in real life, too.

This could be an early reflection on 2010; this year, my almost 3 year long relationship has ended, and now, I have something new. And I am happy with it.

I am free.

Free to start a new music library, to buy a new camera and start taking photos again, I am free to write new things, not having my old things to measure up to. I lost my "Drafts of a Suicide Note", probably the darkest thing I ever wrote, from when I was "depressed". I lost my Beatles discography, and the Cranberries, too. I lost photos of the summer when Jen and Pete were here. And of days when I used to see my best friend every day. I lost photos of my senior year.

I am not comparing men to iPods, I appreciate men. And I appreciate iPods, too!

It's just that, it all made me think, because losing my iPod made me cry. But I realized, that maybe it was time. It was right about time. So, thank you late iPod for your perfect timing, I now have to paint it, and I have a perfectly white, clean canvas.

I move my blog, too?
I am buying a new iPod, should I buy my third iPod classic, or try the touch?
I had a Canon SX110 IS, do I get the SX10 IS or do you have other recommendations?


Ratz said...

WOW. Freedom is such a big word, isn't it?

i think it is good thing to move forward, like you said. All the best

Menna Tarek said...

I have always, always, ALWAYS liked fresh starts.
Go girl!
I will be there every step of the way

deppy said...

Go for iPod touch it's great :)

and good luck with your new start

Caro said...

New is always good.

Mary Grace said...

Wow. What a good, inspiring reflection.

Freedom has its sacrifices, but it's totally worth it in the end.

Barry said...

I can't comment on the iPod or camera based on any experience. However I will say I hope you'll keep your blog the same, I love it as it is. It's your choice entirely of course.

I'm in love with what you've written here for so many reasons. You see the bigger picture Sara, beyond simple material possessions. It's a tremendously mature outlook. Instead of wallowing over what's lost you're looking ahead to what will be gained.

"I now have to paint it, and I have a perfectly white, clean canvas".

Wonderful, and so inspiring!!

miaou miaou said...

Should you move your blog? Thats completely up to you. Its a big move, however it feels great. I just changed from greystrawberrys to miaou miaou and I'm very pleased. However it's all individual, and you may not like it.

Should you buy an itouch of buy the classic again? Test the itouch in store first, you may hate touchscreens etc. But I would suggest at least trying it.

on the Cameras; ahh i'm not sure! I'm not up with cameras at the moment, maybe I should get one? ;)

Hope your okay! :)


Dinah. said...

More and more to come :) xx

Dinah. said...

Oh and I enjoyed the 'Eid break' .. I hope yours was refreshing :) .. And it didn't feel like 'Enough' at all though :$

third time's a charm said...

Allah yer7am el Ipod ma3lesh 7assal kheer..
How is the Ipod fund going on hope el 3edya helped in that in a way ..

Anyway.. i wanted to say this .. you have a talent in writing the most amazing blog entries in the world..

Hope everything is well.. and enjoy your week.. hope to see you soon we law 3ayza 7aga men italy.. from this eye before this eye..

7upkels said...

Who would have thought that losing an iPod would bring so much exciting change?! The other night I thought I lost mine and I stressed out big time, but perhaps if I ever lose it again I shall just think it's a way to start "free" as you put it :) Love it.

And...Go for the iPod touch. They're the best things ever.

Anonymous said...

I like how positive you are.
If I lost my ipod, I would mourn for years to come. ha.
I hope your week is going well.


GvSparx said...

I am not comparing men to iPods, I appreciate men. And I appreciate iPods, too!

I really laughed when I read this paragraph.

I have all my sympathies that you lost your beautiful i-pod and more importantly the art work it had,esp. "Drafts of a Suicide Note". It probably happened because God wants you to start afresh, and particularly start in a positive fashion, write positive ,think positive and live positive.

Best of luck for that!
Answering your question-
Try i-pod touch you will realize the true meaning of word flow.
Anyway, it was my first first visit to your blog, and i am really pleased. Hope to hear from you too :)

Dapoppins said...

lost ipods, where you store your life and lost boyfriends, where you share your life...huh. I never would have put the two together!

Great post

Winnie said...

I say go for the iPod touch, the wi-fi is so useful!

Also I agree, sometimes starting afresh isn't a bad thing at all!

Randi Lee said...

So, every once and a while I hop back onto blogger... and many a times I delete people I used to follow because... they changed, or I changed, or both- and I just don't jive with them anymore... but I always still love your blog. Always. You're always so honest and your write incredibly beautifully, even if it's about situations that a lot people couldn't find the beauty in.

I just adore you. And I'm so glad that your in a new phase and ready to take it all on! I love a fresh start! Miss reading you daily, I must get back into this on a regular basis again! I miss it!