Monday, August 2, 2010


So it's my birthday month already!
And time is flying by so fast- so fast! I am not scared, I am actually excited.

Want to know why?

Today marks the beginning of my Twenty-Six Days of Extraordinary! Or my way of making the last 26 days of my being a certain age extraordinary and memorable (22 in this year's case)

I would love it if everyone would join me, or suggest things to do. Or just share the inspiring vibe of "extraordinariness", you know?

Day 1:

  • I paid my gym subscription and after almost a year, I worked out! Can you tell I am high on endorphins? Lots of exclamation marks and positivity and aaaaah! I LOVE IT!
  • If you know me, you know I have a few unhealthy habits that I hate to admit, among which is that I drink too much coffee- I am usually the one who would lead a healthy today marks my going back to that.
  • Working out. 2 cups of coffee a day. Fewer carbs, and so on. Suggestions?
I will randomly decide on something for tomorrow (I have nothing in mind, do you?) And I will let you know about it.

PS Liz, thank you for all the Paris inspiration, I think it's all finally materializing!


Kristin said...

I need to take a cue from you and work out more AND cut down on my java consumption. Happy birth month!!

Anna said...

you will always inspire me. : )

April said...

Yay! Good luck! :) Sounds like a fun project. Eat more veggies! ;)

Taylor said...

I need to decrease my coffee intake as well! I have read more than once that it is good to limit your caffeine consumption after 2 in the afternoon...this is something that I would like to try out! Oddly enough, I get headaches a lot (which makes me sad) and I think it is because my caffeine levels are higher than usual. I usually go on three-day coffee breaks (which are excruciating!) to 'cleanse' my body...if you're willing to do it I recommend it! It is difficult, though!

Congrats on it being your birthday month! :) Yay for August!

Ratz said...

Hey Sara... so great to see your endorphin rich side... hehehe.... I am glad and so super happy for you... All the best for the plans that you have laid out... I really wish you all the best for making them come true... I have been doing the same in my life... inspiration goes a long way... love you and btw when is your birthday...?

Anonymous said...

for your 26 extraordinary days i would suggest everyday try approching life differently .. do like this

in this situation old sara would have acted like this.. but new sara would do this.. and try it.. out maybe it would be of benefit to you and maybe not...

we ba3ddeeen... happy birthday ya sara we 3o2ball million sanna we yalla 7alan ballan ballan 7ayo abou el fasad.. etc..

Veronika said...

How about creating a small time capsule? Try and find things/objects that have made this year of your life significant, write on pieces of paper events or discoveries that have made a good & positive difference to you during this year of your life, put it all in a box and keep it for years to come :)

chelsea rebecca said...

this is so awesome!
being healthy is hard at first.. and well lets be honest.. it sucks! but i know you can do it and you'll feel great!

Menna Tarek said...

on the last day of exdrodinary get together with him.

¶ Michelle said...

good luck babe, sounds so exciting! ♥

Selma said...

You're my inspiration now...I need to cut down on my daily coffee consumption, too. ;) Happy birth month girl, enjoy it!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday in advance. You are my inspiration to change a few unhealthy habits. :)


Lucia ♥ said...

Someone seems to be a happy girl today ~wink
So much positivity!LOVE IT! Hope I will be inspired to stop procrastinating and be more productive too :)
What about not using any technologies for a day or two? No PC, no internet, no cell phone, etc...I also play on doing this in August ;)

Anonymous said...

Awh fun! Happy Birthday month!!!

And oooo are you going to Paris?

Anonymous said...

Any time, my love! Don't hesitate to ask me anything about it! I can't wait to hear more as your plans materialize further. <3

Also, for inspiration for trying new things in your like, check out I think you'll really like her. She's amazing. :)

I'm so glad to hear that you're moving forward in such a positive fashion. I just love you.

stacey rodriguez said...

SUCH a good idea. :)