Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stuck at the Office

When I took that long weekend off from work, I would go to bed very late. My cousin and sister and I would stay in bed giggling like 12 year olds in a slumber party and it was so much fun. I feel so much younger lately and I don't know if that's a good thing.

During that long weekend I;
  • Went home at 6 am on one "night"
  • Tanned.
  • Spent time with family
  • Drove a total of 1000 km (how many miles is that?)
  • Felt tiny
  • Laughed out loud
  • Sincerely smiled
  • Found a generous bonus in my account!
And now I am at the office- proud of my tan line, my hair a shade lighter and I am missing my friends. My best friend left to this place yesterday, and the day before my(and my best friend's) ex from around 4 years ago left to Spain, I had been spending a lot of time with him so I am missing them both this weekend.
Yes, my best friend and I dated the same person; they got together less than a month after said ex and I broke up. It's a long, long story but I love them both to bits.
I can tell you about that some other time if you'd like to know.

It's the last day of the work week and I find myself wanting to go home and read. But that's only the realistic solution.

Ultimately(and far from realistically) I want to;
  • Be in Paris.
  • Go on a felouka ride along the Nile
  • Buy a whole new wardrobe
  • Lose 5 kilos
  • Get a great big hug
  • Be in Basata with my friends
  • Get extensions since I have no idea how I would look like with long hair
  • Bake cupcakes
  • Have weekend pancakes tomorrow with tons of maple syrup
How is everyone doing?


Erimentha said...

i love hearing about your life! it sounds busy and beautiful, hectic but fun. sad but full.

:) thanks!

Yasmine said...

I'm glad you loved your weekend!
and I believe you will find peace as long as you keep smiling inside :)

you're beautiful xx

7upkels said...

Gah. This makes me want to take a needed vacation. And I think it's good every now and then to forget being "grown up" and act little - I don't know of any better way of doing that than sleepovers with a sister. How perfect!

Selma said...

Who doesn't want to be in Paris?! And consider yourself hugged girl. We all deserve a great hug from time to time. I know I do. :)


Lucia ♥ said...

You won't believe this but me and my friend also dated the same guy (who by the way was my best friend's brother) :D They started dating 2 months after me and him broke up and even though I thought it might all be strange cause all of us were friends, it actually was pretty much OK :) I'd love to hear your story on this ;)

And I can 100% relate to your "want to" list. I also wanna lose some kilograms, and I am in need of a big tight hug and even though I can't give you a real one, I hope this virtual one will help a little *hugs tight*

If you happen to do the hair extentions, don't forget to share photos with us ;)


Caroline Cakewise said...

Sounds gorgeous!! And I love your wish list - very inspiring, as was your post about growing up. I adore your writing!! xx

Veronika said...

How's it going? So busy at work just counting the hours until the weekend but now that you've mentioned those pancakes I might just have to plan them in for this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Great your enjoying your weekend.. hope the office isnt that bad... Enjoy your weekend..

Winnie said...

Some of those are definitely do-able!

Re: I guess we both are very thankful for being bilingual! :)

Farah said...

awww....I wish I could give you a great big hug! *cyber HUG*

Anonymous said...

I also want to buy a whole new wardrobe! *swoon*

And of course it's good that you feel younger....responsibilities and work can make us seem way older than our years, so if you've a chance to be carefree, grab it! :)

家唐銘 said...


Anonymous said...

your life is very interesting. I love reading about you. I also want to go to Paris someday.
I'm doing well. I'm glad you are well too.
All my love.


Menna Tarek said...

oh best friend,
Basata was incomplete without you.
I love you.

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed your off from work. i think it is very important to unwind. work can make you go crazy, right? LOL.

plus, i want to bake cupcakes too!