Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Michaela's giveaway!

I am approaching 300 followers and it is such an overwhelming feeling! And so I would like for everyone to celebrate with the lovely Michaela!
I am so happy for you!! Join the celebrations everyone :)

On another note, thank you for your positive thoughts. You are helping me and for that I am thankful and I am very, very lucky.

I think that he is writing these for me. Today's and yesterday's posts are just so...talking to me.
I want to do retail therapy. Sometimes I feel like crying. Others I just feel an emptiness. Sometimes I hysterically laugh and others I just...feel guilty.

Oh and I found yet another challenge!!

Day 01- Guilty pleasure: I will keep it simple today and just list them. SHOES, SUSHI and CHOCOLATE!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the followers, Sara!!! :)

Mika said...

I would love so much people to read my blog. Just enjoy and keep going. Mika (

ali said...

another challenge....I am so doing that one. :)

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

there's a reason why you're working though, so chin up :] yes, do that, the videos are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should give yourself a few days off. Shut yourself away from everyone and think on your own, with no intrusions?
Congrats on the many followers!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your followers.
You are strong. Just keep moving.


OneCraftyFox said...

Congrats on almost reaching 300, I added myself as a follower, so you are now one blogger closer :)

Have a gorgeous day!

Micaela said...

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for this post ;) and we're in the same boat with the 300- i couldn't think of a better girl to be in a boat with...

one who speaks so beautiful of even the hard stuff.

you can't go wrong with shoes (higher the better!), chocoalate (about to have ice cream), and sushi- it's been WAY too long since i've had any! i should fix that.

much adoration your way xoxo

Winnie said...

I just reached 200 and it's an amazing milestone. Well done on nearly 300, that's amazing!!!

Farah said...

Congrats on the followers my dear! we all adore you!

And I'm here if you just want to talk/vent okay?

love you! xoxo

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Nikolett said...

You definitely deserve all the followers, you're amazing :) And I am in total agreement about your guilty pleasures ... now I'm craving sushi while wearing lovely shoes haha.

Taylor said...

I agree with Nikolett above me, she is right. You deserve the followers! You have a great blog and I am glad I found you! And I do have to say, I love your 'about me' on your profile, that you are a sunny person...a happy soul...and you believe in you. How inspiring! Thank you for sharing your happiness with others, and for showing people that having confidence and ambition can help you grow in ALL directions, not just up. I love that quote. I may use that one day when I am a teacher, if you don't mind. :) I'll mention you, of course.