Sunday, September 27, 2009

265 months

I turned 265 months yesterday. And I went to Sequoia to celebrate a friend's birthday.

I can very much say that yesterday was the highlight of my weekend. Accomplishment with boyfriend as well! Otherwise my weekend was...bad.

Coming sound: photo with nosering! I thought I'd be able to post it now, but I realized I don't have my camera cable with me at work.

A photo of Alexandria, instead! I took this, is it any good?

I haven't been feeling very inspired lately...I need to write not just write, you know? I don't know if I've mentioned it, but classes at the AUC have stopped until the 3rd of October for swine flu concerns. I think it's stupid. Actually the whole education system in Egypt is on pause until the 3rd! Really stupid! I've attended 2 classes before they decided to suspend classes...and they inspired me, I don't know how- or why- but they did.

Check this post. And a beautiful wedding.
Please GAP, send me one of these!

Oh, and I love you. Not only for telling me that I don't need to lose weight, but I love you. I really do! For something simply as great as being the person you are.

Yes, I am talking to you.
And you.
And you.


Sanchez said...

Oh I love you too.

I know how you feel, I'm so uninspired lately, its sad.

Swine flu is overhyped, my sister had it. I had it.
Half my school had it.

All my friends schools were shut down for about 2 weeks when it broke out in Victoria.
It was quite funny. However, my school didnt close down.

Sanchez said...

Well, yes... the storm was meant to be worrying...But once you got over that. It really was pretty.

and yeah it was like the normal flu, although my friends dad got it, and he couldnt move for alike a week. So I think it depends on how health and old you are ^^

Nath said...

Hey, wish you to get back your inspiration, i am sure you will! :)

Love, NAth

nicole addison said...

that photo is awesome lady! makes me miss a big city like nyc. i know what you mean about a lack of inspiration, i need to take a long walk or something because mine is dwindling greatly. have a wonderful weekend my love and im about to email you! yay!

Ju said...

Oh darling, inspiration will come at the right time; don't feel pressured to write just because we expect something. Your real followers and friends will be waiting, doesn't matter how long.
I just loved that 20s wedding.

Elizabeth Marie said...

That picture is amazing!!!WOW lady you have skills!! I miss big cities!

You are amazing!

Cassia Marie said...

That river photo is so pretty. Wow, I can't think of a time I have felt uninspired. I know it's my faith that's put me on a constant pulse of life and beauty--even when it's just the knowledge that it's there. Procrastination is the bully I like to never hang around, though. One thing I have learned is to try and find the beauty in simple things without wanting something from it. Enjoy the sunset even if no poem comes from it, you know?

I’m so glad I looked at that wedding! It’s like people’s minds can get wrapped around tradition so much that they forget to be creative even on such an important day. The crescent moon was my favorite and how pretty was that bride!

Poppy said...

What a lovely photo.

Kym said...

ah yes, i have days with a little less inspiration that others! :( but it always comes back! and im not sure if the 265 months signifies your bday cus no one else has greeted you from what i see.. but if it is, then happy birthday! if not.. then.. well.. i dont know. haha! ;P have a great upcoming week sara!

la flore et la faune . com said...

great little drawings and nice photo, and LOVEly conclusion !

missy. said...

happy 265 month old birthday! :) and yes, i to love you! that is ridiculous about school. i'm sorry to hear that. hopefully things will pick back up quickly!

oh and that picture is beautiful! i love it!!

Lolla said...

the GAP link didn't work...
i don't even know how old i am in months, maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to find out, i'd feel at least 12 times older. :D

Fé... said...

Ha3... Nice idea. Happy 265 months, darling! I missed my 288 months this September :p Geez, if you put it this way, I'm so old.

About inspiration. We all do experience writer's block, but it'll go away... Then it'll be like emerging with loads of bright ideas!

You're 1 very diligent student, yea? Any student in the world would have shouted happily if the courses are cancelled (especially my lil sis)...

I love you, too. You're a beautiful soul. I can tell though I've never met you.