Wednesday, December 31, 2008

If 2008 should end anyway;

If for everytime I think (of you) my heart should sing, I will have composed a symphony by now.
Here is a piece of a little something I wrote last year:

I have one father.
One mother,
One mind,
One soul,
One heart,
I have two bodies.

I have one God.
One firm thought,
One belief,
I have two entities.

The very different people that exist within our being, the existence we are; the one we take so recklessly for granted. We were born to find this world, the miracle it is, ready for us, when we, the helpless human beings we are, were never prepared for it. The surprises and the shocks, the ups and downs, the hopes and their destruction- the menthol-like iciness of birth.
A mother holds her child with care and pride, thinking I helped bring this like into the world, but does she ever think of how she would make this life ready to take this world with a confident heart and a mind that is sure, with a soul that believes?
Instead, we are left to conquer this world unassisted, alone, not in the cold meaning of the word, but rather the independent one. And by independence, I far from mean physical independence, for I (at twenty) am not yet physically independent from my parents, but I have mentally rebelled. I have rebelled.
This is not an invitation to rebel, though, nor is it a call to fight against parental authority, this is a call for change, and not for help, for I have found the one to save me, or rather, help me save myself. Not many of us need to be saved, and even less people need to be found, we are not lost, nor are we in a whirlwind of delusion. We are just distracted. The colorful world, and the bright lights, and the consumerism that has taken over our worlds; I want my coffee, and my book, and I want to achieve this worth-you-envy success when I grow up…all of our basic needs and our greatest aspirations; they have diverted us, and our focus, from the purpose, from our very first and the most defiantly important and longest of all quests we should seek in this life; who are we?

Who am I?
What do I want from this life?
What is my quest?
What am I looking for?
What impact do I want to have?

It leaves me in wonder; do we exist in a series of never ending questions? You answer one question, after so much pondering, nights of contemplation, days of failed attempts to meditate in the Cairo traffic and the thunderous pace of life, and you’re left with a part of the phenomenal creation you are, unveiled.

In our galaxy of a life, there’s always a star, worth of a whole constellation that was placed in your path to guide you. Yet sometimes, just sometimes, we overlook that wondrous star, shining with sincerity, only to come back to our senses, lucky enough to do that before we miss our chance, and hold this star high, regard it high, and treat it like the precious star it is. Because we all deserve to be guided, and we all deserve to answer the questions that bring us to the realization that our existence is remarkable. And that after all, neither of us is yet another face in the crowd.

Happy New Year Everyone!! 

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afiori said...

You could work as a writer!! Well done. Do you write anything for your boyfriend's band?