Monday, December 1, 2008

Safe and Sound?

I am not trying to promote the wrong image of my country, nor am I trying to scare people; but this has to change, this has to be said.
Last week, two twenty-three year olds got KILLED. Killed not in an accident, this wasn't drunk driving, nor was it an overdose, they were brutally stabbed to death.
I don't care how they lived, who their friends were or what they did on a daily basis. I only care that this is not how two girls should die. This is not a matter of faith, my faith in God is endless, this is a matter of security, this is a matter of safety.
I didn't know them, but they were acquaintences of a friend of mine, and it's scary. It is scary to think that when you go to sleep at night, you could wake up missing a friend. Let alone that this friend got murdered; stabbed to death. What kind of man/woman would do that and for what freaking reason!!

I am sorry but my plans for pleaseant posts over the weekend got ruined. I will make nice posts, just not today.