Monday, December 22, 2008

Post 70: An Ode to Alexandria

Inspired by a book, a lot of people, a lot of love and a whole lot of homesickness.

The city that never sleeps.
The triumphant coast that never weeps.

A shore that has borne:
love and loss
Dreams; made and broken,
Alike it would toss.

dampen my soul with your mist and moisture,
Shape my horizon,
Like your natives' curvy posture.

Evenings of purple;
setting the sun free
Calling for happiness;
Nights of unmatched glee.

The city of wonder..
I grow hungry and fond,
exploring your every corner.

the shore history holds dear,
ignorant of what you plan for,
yet, unable to associate you with fear.

P.S. I KNOW the scale is messed up and the sentences aren't broken in the right places...but, like everything else, writing is at it's prettiest when raw; untouched. And apologies for the lack of pictures; I am currently stranded on the desert-esque land of Saudi Arabia (no offense) and am obliged to deal with a very slow, primitive dial up connection.

Please do let me what you think!

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