Monday, December 1, 2008

On a Brighter Note

Give it a though, or two.

A revolution only rises out of love. If you love a place enough, if you are devoted enough, you will make a revolution!

Isn't this true? So very true?

I'm leaving on Wednesday, and it has been possessing me; the thought: what if I never come back? I think of all the people I love, all the people I love and haven't told in a while...I think of leaving them behind with words and thoughts in my head that might remain unsaid. I love everyone that is close to me and I love my fellow bloggers.
I love things, too! I love books, and photographs and handwriting. I love found art, I love Moleskines. I love paper and pen. I love colors. I love music. I love being an older sister. And an eldest daughter and a grand daughter. I love how it soothes me when I hear my boyfriend sing. His voice has that amazing effect on me.
(Listen to the fourth song, same song but at the exact moment when I realized I love him!)

This a true moment of appreciation.

It is finally getting cold in Cairo! Now; the first of December.
Also, my best friend and I went out for sushi today; her treat (for a change haha); this is for you Mee: the Beatles quote.


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