Friday, November 14, 2008

Labdien everyone!(thank you Flickr)

Last night was my very first parents' meeting ever, not that I liked it or anything...I just liked talking to my favorite student's mother! And the three hours just miraculously flew by, for me to find my cousins and aunt from Alexandria outside the school gates; such an amazing surprise!

Anyway, being dead tired I went home and slept, with a phone switched off.
Speaking of phones:
  1. My K850i hs gone crazy; the sensors aren't working.
  2. I took my boyfriend's beloved phone and lost it.
  3. I broke the screen of yet another phone.
I present to you, ladies and gentlemen the Phone Curse!

No link-y link time:
On Learning and education:
  • I also want to go to University of Helsinki. Has anyone been there to study? I know they're one of the best around. I want to do my graduate studies there.
  • The Chinese language being the most widely spoken language in the world seems very interesting and curiosity provoking to me,so I intend on contacting the Chinese Cultural Center about the dates, times, and prices of learning Chinese.
Oh, and I love Maz Jobrani!

Oh and I love tinkerbell!
1. All You Need Is Faith and Trust...., 2. Tinkerbell, 3. Tinker Bell, 4. 228/365 days: capturing light

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Sirje said...

Boo this thing keeps eating my comments, I can't get anything through! I'm not very good with Blogger, then, I guess!

Anyway, it's Sirje from LJ, remember me? I had to comment on the Uni of Helsinki thing, as Helsinki is my town (although I keep moving away from there, gaah!) and I got my BA from there. It's definitely a good university - well, my instution (Translation Studies) wasn't but that had it's reasons, overall it's really good.

What subject are you thinking of (if you're thinking about it for real)?

Helsinki is a loooooovely town, although not quite in the same way as Cairo, haha.

And you'd already know someone there!