Monday, November 10, 2008

Beyond the Eye

When Waves Collide - Zoomed, originally uploaded by acastellano.
The Breaking of a Wave Cannot Explain the Whole Sea.

I find this quote amazing. It's like an eternally inspiring way of asking someone not to judge, of stopping yourself from judging, actually.
I have the urge but not the time to write.
I have the urge but not the inspiration to write.
I need to buy a Moleskine and a 2009 calander, I can't believe the year has almost come to an end. It has been a good year honestly.
Maybe next year I'll go to Amsterdam or Paris or Rome. I just want to travel as an adult.
Will everyone post their dream job/career? Mine is to be a social entrepreneur!
Now, to a picture of one of my favorite cities, and my second favorite sea (The Red Sea being my very favorite)

Picture by Hayek  Hayek

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afiori said...

What does a social entrepeneur do?

My dream career, which I'm working on, is to be a writer and make a living out of it, and also to be an artist and to design paper products and jewellery and work as a language consultant, doing editing for other writers etc. Oh, and to sing to people sometimes.

Sara, just write!! There is time, you have the time, there iiiis tiiimeee.

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