Saturday, November 15, 2008


And this could be one of my favorite poems/quotes ever.

It is a beautiful day!

  • I have obviously been blog-surfing today (For the past couple of hours really), and oh, the amazing blogs! check them on the right side here-->
  • I think I am catching a silly flu, and this is absolutely not the right time for it. Honestly, is it ever the right time to catch cold?
  • Since it is Autumn, and I am definitely in need of a Spring reminder, or simply on an amazingly sunny winter day a flower crown would do anyone good! Make your own.
  • You ask why I love Egypt?
I love her for the weather: the fact that it's almost December and I haven't, not even for once, put on a coat or a heavy jacket; everything I wear is mid-season like.

I love her for the Nile. Enough said.
I love her for Alexandria(Mediterranean). I love her for Sokhna (Red Sea).
I love her for the Old buildings; standing proudly alongside the new ones.

I ♥ home!

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