Wednesday, November 5, 2008


To everyone who has voted for Obama, you just made history!
I hope he's sincere and honest and true.
Being the first African-American President, he should have a lot of eyes watching him and a lot of pressure which I think he shouldn't give in to.


Tarek said...

Lil' Bush will be missed :)

marooned84 said...

I totally agree, but I think he can handle it. I really believe in him. It's nice to see America with a smart president!

and Bush will be missed, NOT!

afiori said...

Yessss!!! This makes me not lose my faith completely in humanity.

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Ahmed Al-Sabbagh said...

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The Space Above the Couch said...

Very few people could read Obama's books and not be impressed with his wisdom, honesty and fair mindedness.
He has more than an 80 percent approval rating in Canada, and raises the bar for politicians everywhere.

tiger said...