Monday, January 28, 2013

Pep Talk

Just in case you haven't seen this on ThoughtCatalog, this kid made my day.
He makes me really, really happy. He makes me feel so bad for spending the whole day at my desk.


Today, I heard the rain outside and I stayed inside because I wanted someone to walk with me, and I was alone. Mind you, it rarely ever rains in Cairo and I missed it. As I heard the rain today, I promised myself that I won't allow this to happen again. And I won't.

I also started working on my January List of Gratitude today! (known as #ListOfGrat on twitter)

It includes:
- my family
- being a godmother: YES! I became a godmother earlier this month! I have a beautiful Godson names Youssef and he makes my heart melt.
-  my new car: I have a silver renault (hatchback) that is so much safer to travel in than my old Kia Picanto (which I dearly miss)
- Words

But that's not it. I am still working on it!


Rhianne said...

"you're gooder than that"
"Not cool Robert Forst!"

I love it :) thank you for sharing it.

And how exciting that you're a Godmother too, congratulatios

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