Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I can't wrap my head around the fact that the year is ending. It seems a bit weird to me still.
This year has been a typical roller-coaster ride for me, with ups that are so high they made my stomach tickle and downs that left me with puffy eyes in bed - hiding under my covers.
I have grown in so many ways this year and it has been eyeopening.

  1.  I got engaged! To a Saudi Arabian/Egyptian/Afghan pediatrician/comedian/gamer (see? He's not a terrorist)
  2. I turned 25. This is hug, people. I turned a quarter of century and I still cannot wrap my head around it. It's weird. So ridiculously weird. How does one deal with that?
  3. I did some traveling, more so than I usually would, most were work trips, but I still traveled and loved every bit of it! I went to Tunisia, Jordan, UK, and Germany. It was my first time to Tunisia, Jordan and Germany.
  4. My baby brother is officially a preteen: he turned 11 this year, and my baby sister turned SIXTEEN. I wrote her this for her birthday
  5. Speaking of writing: I started writing for The Clairvoyance Collective, which is inspired by Thought Catalog. Check it out! Lots of Egyptian talents there.
  6. I read and reviewed I Wrote This For You, the book. And it was, by far, one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. It had stirred so much emotion with me.
  7. I started a new job that I absolutely love, and having not liked my previous job that much, I realise how much of a blessing it is to love your job. It has caused me some problems liking my job so much; I am willing to work longer hours, which leaves me less time to spend with my loved ones. I miss spending time with my friends and family all the time.
  8. My cousin got married and is now pregnant; she's about to give birth to my godson!! I am going to be a godmother!
  9. I am now a woman with long hair! I have also accepted the fact that I have loads of grey hair. What I do now is get lowlights so that the grey blends in a bit. 
  10. I am sure there are more things. But I can't really think of any and I need to post this already!  
Happy 2013 beautiful people. May you grow immensely this year! 

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