Saturday, December 3, 2011

The History Books Forgot About Us...NOT!

I sit in bed and I am so tired...all I could think of is the future of my country. We are living through times that will be recorded in history books, I belong to a generation that made history. I made history.

62% voter turn out is something that has never happened before...I am not really happy with results so far, but elections are elections, and if this is the fruit of fair elections then...then I will campaign more and more for the liberal left. And hope for the best.

I was talking to the boyfriend/fiance the other day, and asked him if we are going to be all bored and depressed when this is over..I, for one, will sure be depressed and I will call it the post revolution depression. Just like MUN's post conference depression syndrome.

I was looking through pictures I have on the computer and thought maybe I should share some of the phone pictures I have of the protests and stuff

Qasr el Nil Bridge on out way to Tahrir Square on January 25th, 2011, CSF let us pass through.
Part of the crowd on January 25th
Bad picture but this is from January 29th, 8am, going back home after not being able to go back due to curfew, army tanks were everywhere
January 29th, NDP headquarters burning
February 11th, people on the street after Mubarak stepped down, this is when people still liked the army
same day.
The next day, people went to clean Tahrir up, NDP HQ in the background

That's pretty much it, I know they're nothing artistic, they're just phone pictures. I have some from the elections but they're mostly of violations. 

I hope everyone has a great, great weekend!

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Barry said...

Sara I pray for the people of Egypt, that you will all be safe, that in the end the outcome will be favourable and you'll have a stable government that is fair to its citizens.

You did indeed make history and you should be proud of that.

On another note I'd like to send you a card, do you observe Christmas in any way? If so please let me know on my blog or by e-mail. Hope you and your loved ones are well.