Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gratitude 2011: January 2011

I missed the 400th post celebration. And this here, is my 403rd post.


Anyway, I have been meaning to start on my lists of gratitude (since I have nothing better to do, really) And because I think I need the positivity in my life, it's been a tough year, and things don't seem to get any better...

(I obviously like this picture of myself :D I made this just in case any of you guys wanted to do lists!)

January 2011
(this is also when I start regretting not writing in my journal as often as I should)
  • The euphoric feeling of being one with the crowd of thousands of people chanting together on the 25th of January
  • Spending the night at my boyfriend's because of curfew.
  • Safety
  • My car, and chai lattes.
  • My family, for being interesting enough and fun enough for us to endure a 3pm curfew
  • the vigilante who kept us safe.
  • Meeting my boyfriend's grandparents.
  • Rain
  • Can you tell I don't remember anything that's happened before the 25th of January? Stupid me.
And with that, I have realized my number one resolution: Write in my Moleskine more often. (Everyday) 
Also, here's a link to graffiti spotted around Cairo. 


MiniStyle said...

I guess I need to make one too =)

missy. said...

curfew? explain?!

yuteralove said...

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