Monday, April 18, 2011

(Let me tell you about my)* boyfriend

I think the first thing I remember my now boyfriend say - or talk about, was a story of Kasr El-Ainy hospital where he is an intern.
(First thing I remember telling him was ask how old he was, or what his surname was.) Yes, I do ask pretty awkward questions that might initially seem out of context, but my brain works in different way and there us always a reason behind why I asked what his surname was when he was saying how he was going to New York the following month for comicon.

(I did just write comicon)

He went, and we were boyfriend-girlfriend by the time he went.

So anyway, my boyfriend now blogs about the stories! One night he called, and told me about this girl and how she was following him and the first thing I asked was "Can everyone else see her?" I honestly thought she was a ghost

I just thought I would share.
Well, you know...because I love him and stuff. Even though he plays games and watches shows and reads "graphic novels", I love him for giving up some of his geek-time (or a lot, rather) and spending it with me instead.

On a non-boyfriend note, I am sick and it's really hot outside, the weather sucks, I kind of hate Egyptian Springs. Or maybe just Cairene springs. On a non-boyfriend note as well, I am almost done with yet another semester. (and I hurt my knee)
And now I am off to check my reader (finally) and nurture my Pinterest obsession..

*I miss Hermia!


Dima said...

I miss you :)

Ratz said...

Is this going on everywhere? I now know three people who are ill at the same time I am. Get well soon Sara.

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Something is going around...everyone I know is sick, even over here. :( Hmmmm...blame it on this month. ha! :(

Hugs to you.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

awww.... Congrats on the new boyfriend!! Love the part about the ghost :D You never know...

The Lewicutt's est 2006 said...

Awwww, so sweet!!! I love it! He sounds kind of perfect for you!

... Paige said...

thanks so much for your visit at my blog {shakes hands}

ghost following you BF lol, but I shouldn't laugh because it does happen. they (spirits) seem to follow and cling to the living that have great light within.

but that's another thing for some other time or other

I hope your knee is better & that he misses you too

Anonymous said...

ooooh poor youu :(
i just recovered from reallyyy bad hayfever :(
i hopee you will feel better sooon! :)
he sounds likee a cute boyfriend :)
have a great easter lovely girlyy :)
xx <3

Winnie said...

Aw your boyfriend sounds so sweet, in fact you two sound like a really lovely couple. You guys are so lucky :)

I can't imagine how hot it must be in Egypt- the Summers must be unbearably hot!

Elazul said...

You forgot Sacrificing time with other friends!