Sunday, June 27, 2010


You should be here.
With me.
Right there, next to me.
Sometimes I am lonely.
Other times I am just fine.
Right now I am fine.

Sometimes I feel like I need someone to unconditionally listen to me. Unconditionally. Someone who wouldn't mind being on the phone with me while I say nothing. Nothing at all. Someone who would have coffee with me- any time of day.

I once was told that I live on a cloud, and that I need to be more in touch with my reality, but I exist in an entirely different world. I mean, I am at the office right now, but in my head, I am at the beach- and there is no oil and no oil spill- and the sun is shining and the waves are singing to me. I have a book in my hands and it is keeping me company. I can feel the tanlines forming.

“I hope that someday, somebody wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight, and that’s all they do. They don’t pull away. They don’t look at your face, they don’t try to kiss you. All they do is wrap you up in their arms, without an ounce of selfishness in it.” — Waitress (here)

And a little love could help. Actually, we all deserve a lot of love, and I won't accept anything but! I do have a lot of love around me- love from myself, love from my family and love from my friends. I also choose to believe the universe loves me.

My cousin's wedding went great, but I don't have photos yet. My other cousin's wedding is on the 15th of July- my brother turns 9 on that very same day. Remember my February women post? I will have one up for my July men. My late grandfather, my brother, my second cousin, my good friend and (my ex)

I need a muse.

In case anyone missed this, here's a link.


Dinah. said...

I cried today for the same exact reason of not having that someone you're talking about, you know who can bear all of blabbing and all of my CRAP on a continuous basis.

Anonymous said...

Its very hard to be single after a long relation because as they say you used to have someone to talk to, to complain to , to scream , to laugh , to do what ever you want and all this on speed dail..

Im Sorry for what your going through

what if we create a group therapy for people who broke up after a very long relation 3year or more.. we will make a hell a lot of money out of it right,,,

Nikolett said...

*HUGS* You definitely deserve all the love in the world and I hope that no matter who it is - friend or otherwise - that someone will step up to be your coffee mate, to listen. I wish I lived nearby you because I would gladly go for coffee with you any day, any time :)

By the way, there's nothing wrong with living in an entirely different world ... sometimes it's better to focus on the imaginative and the fanciful than the negative. I hope you have a good weekend and find your muse <3

Ailish said...

I don't like coffee. But I too wish I had someone who would go with me.

Anonymous said...

Sara, you are lovely. I had a dream about you (a little weird. I know.) You came to my little town. We became good friends. We started a charity. We baked for the homeless. We took pictures of everything. Everybody liked us. Everybody wanted to be friends with us. It was amazing! Then I awoke.
Have a good Sunday.


Taylor said...

The oil spill is devastating, it makes me so angry and so sad. These emotions together are not the best combination...especially when you are helpless. However, on a more happy note, from a personal perspective, I am so happy that I have come into blogging and have met such happy and smiling people like you. I feel like I have friends, even though I do not know them, that genuinely care aabout some of my thoughts. When they share some of their own thoughts with me too I feel so happy! Thanks for being one of those friends.

Caroline Cakewise said...

Long time, no read of your blog! :) I'm sad I've missed so much!! I hope your beautiful dream of lazing on that beach with a good book comes true this summer. Not forgetting a muse to go with it!! xx

Anonymous said...


7upkels said...

this was so inspiring.

Winnie said...

Awww...The waitress quote is just lovely. I think we all feel like that sometimes, I can definitely understand that!

Gracie said...

I think to a certain extent I feel like you. Which is why I journal so much I think. And a pray a lot too. Sometimes I will just speak aloud to no one at all but it makes me feel better.

That quote is really great!!

in company with sparkles said...

Thank you Sara, you are sweet. All the best to you and I hope you are having a peaceful week :)

Iva said...

hugs lady!!!