Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Letter to Self

Dear You,
Thank you for writing this for me.

Dear Self,
The universe seems to have been conspiring against me...or maybe it's the voices in my head that wish for me to believe so- you see, I never blame myself, ever! Blame is something I can never accept because I believe I am never wrong.

I believe I exert more effort than required and that this should be appreciated. I wish I had more time on my hands...with a "job", two classes a week, friends to meet, and family- I never seem to have time for anything, let alone myself.

More split ends, eeky nails. Dark circles round my eyes...

Yes, that's all I wish I could do. I wish I could fly. Fly and never come back. Oh and I wish my parents would give me a break, honestly, that's the only reason why I took that job; so they would give me a break and it never seems to stop. I know that's a lot of complaining and negative energy but I need to let it all out, okay? I never even have the time to write in my moleskine, or read! I hate it!!

I have to present on international resource movements and foreign direct investment a week from today and I need to start working on it. ew? Yes, it was my choice! mhmm, I am an idiot.

Anyway, you should be looking for more happiness and happy lists and bright sunlight and the sea..and sand. And wind in my hair...and ice cold lemonade because it's hot.

I love you, you are possible and you will make a change,


Ju said...

Very good idea to have written a letter to self.
Hope you find some answers.
And manage to fly too...
Sending love that way Xx

Shokoofeh said...

This is lovely Sara, it truly is.

I can imagine you flying, but please don't go far away. Okay?

Here is beautiful, here is the world you can "write" your thought. maybe it's an impossible thing in "the other world". Or maybe there is no one there listening to your words. But we are here. and we are listening. and we are understanding, and it's so so so beautiful!
You're beautiful and so is your world.

Smile. now. okay?

love you

missy. said...

take a breather for yourself girl! it sounds like you need it.

i totally can relate with the parents. it never ends!

you are beautiful. remember that ok? love you!

Anonymous said...

Awh I really hate when you seem down!!! Cheer up, Hen!

Mohammed J. said...

you are here
you are happening
you are everything around
you are us
you are now
believe in now
make the best out of now
for better days to come

you are now

sanchez said...

Just always remember change is a good thing.

Nothing happens if nothing changes.


Rhianne said...

Dear Sara,

Your words are beautiful and your honesty is a constant inspiration to me. You are already making a change.

Oh and I believe I exert more effort than required and that this should be appreciated as well :)

love Rhianne

Farah said...

Oh Sara, I really know how you feel.

Feel better soon okay! xoxo

Ruxandra said...

I am 16 and i simply feel the same.
I really hope you too find bright lights and warm sun beams and the smell of the deserve it.
Take care.

Jodes said...

'you are possible' is the most beautiful line in that whole thing.
seriously, you're good at brilliance in the hidden places, miss.

good luck on your project and don't forget to take care of you!
don't let anyone or anything put a bowl over your bright shining lamp!


Selma said...

You're not an idiot girl, and trust me negative energy soon becomes positive energy! :)

Vivi said...

Hi!!! I'm almost back to normal posting - you have been tagged in my blog.



Gracie said...

I think a letter to yourself helps release all those feelings inside. So you may not be able to write about it but you are sort of letting it out.
Happy lists are good and I would love to make one too sometime. Be happy hun xx

Randi Lee said...

You are possible, and you WILL make a change. Because you're fabulous... and that's what fabulous people do. :-) I hope you're having a better week! And I hope you have a phenomenal weekend!

Athena. said...

You're amazing,
I believe in you!

brett said...

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Nahl said...

Trust me Sara, the universe will change for you. It always does if you have the needed determination!
Hope things go well for you.
Good luck with the presentation.

magnoliaamber said...

Oh wow I do blame myself sometimes because I think everybody sometimes make mistakes. It's OK Sara I believe you can create your own break!:)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

simple .. to the point .. sweet and direct .. simply you .. just my first post .. will read more .. ps: cant wait till u blog about your team at work LOL

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

oh thank you sara. that is very kind of you. i empathize with this post. you are indeed possible. i love that.


Mika said...

Think I'am gonna wright it down to myself! Mika (