Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Duality of Impact..or something like it.

I have a mini-story to tell.
Or maybe a reflection on something...

It amazed me today as I stood in front of one of the greatest artists of all time- at least I think so- all giggly and blushing...how it was one of the major events of my life. If not the major one. For it is. I don't think my life had many major incidents of that sort...up until today. The amazing thing is; it was such a major thing for me, and an insignificant thing for him.

Today I met him. One of my favorite composers. Composer of my favorite album. Son of a legend. I met Ziad Rahbani today!!! And I shook hands with him, listened to him speak, asked in surprise how and why he hadn't visited Egypt before. Said that Egypt is always beautiful. I love my country. I do.

I told him it was nice meeting him. What on Earth was I thinking? Couldn't I have thought of a better thing to say? Silly, silly Sara! But then again...I couldn't, I was so much in awe!

So yes, I met a celebrity an artist. I met an artist that matters. I can't believe he was standing there with now thousands of people gathered around him!

Thank you 

Job Update: It's going great so far!!! And no, I am not just saying that because my boss is now following my blog! Honest!

PS My cousin got engaged on Friday and I love her and now love her fiancé!


Farah said...

Hi Love, I am so so glad that you love your job and had such a significant moment in your life! And I am so glad that you sound happy!


Gracie said...

I'm glad that this event was significant to you. And it's amazing to meet people who you admire.
And the whole job front sounds good. I hope it all goes well.
Oh congrats to your cousin. That's so exciting!

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

hehe. my name? it's jehan. (lovely to meet you hehe). my long name: puteri noor jehan binti wan abdul aziz.

phew. hehe x

Ruxandra said...

I have never met someone that inspires me, as a famous person.I am happy for you.And it's so nice to hear that your job is going great.Have a happy week!

Mohammed J. said...

i knew you were going to post about it :)

you're welcome!

feels so much more awe-ing when you're a musician

Jodes said...

it's good to see that you love your job!
and cute that your boss is following your blog! haha.

i know how it feels to meet people who impact you. i LOVE LOVE music and just figured out the other day i've been to over 100 concerts, so meeting bands is something i'm generally cavalier about. then, i met one of my FAVES and turned into a blubbering IDIOT. it's kind of a good, humbling feeling in a way. so glad you got to meet yours!


Winnie said...

Ahh how wierd that your boss is following your blog!

Anyway, love the story- at least you can be glad you spoke to him and actually engaged in conversation!

Anonymous said...

Lol you're so cute! Congrats! :P

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

oh yes! my mum named me after shah jahan of the taj mahal. i think she meant to call me mumtaz after the wife, but got it mixed up ;)

i want to visit egypt! one of my close friends study there, medicine.

missy. said...

how amazing! i am so jealous. what an incredible feeling you must have been feeling.

congrats to your cousin!!

Ju said...

Star struck? I understand the fuzzy feeling...I met my favorite singer once, and was totally lost for words.
Just enjoy. :)))

Meg said...

i bet you made a bigger impression than you think on him - it's always a wonderful feeling to know you have been an inspiration to someone, especially someone young and full of potential!

S.Elisabeth said...

That's so insane!! The day I meet one of my favorite artists (role models, actresses, etc), I think I'd just die. Lucky you to meet him!
And I'm glad your job is going well!!

Est2000 said...

Aranızda türkçe bilen bar mı?


Mika said...

So good to hear that the job feels good. And don't know the celeb but know the feeling meet someone you adore. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)