Thursday, October 30, 2008


What's up?
AIESEC Egypt is a mess. be continued
So, I was in Ras Sudr for the past three days in an AIESEC conference. Three years ago, I had attended he exact same conference as a new member, this year, I did as an alumnus.
I miss AIESEC to be quite honest.
And it was mostly a trip of nostalgia, chilling and appreciation.
Nostalgia for the old times, and the old friends that were there over the weekend; Mai Daoud, Hisham and Abdo.. All those who joined AIESEC in 2005.
And today, watching the sunset, reading a book and just sitting on the couch with nothing to do; chilling!
As for the appreciation; one of the most important people in my life, Mohammed (aka Jimy) I met in AIESEC, way back in 05 (only that we got together 2 years later). And I shared a room with my bestfriend whom I greatly appreciate as well.
Maybe afterall, AIESEC Egypt is NOT a mess.
The MC is doing a great job. Also, the conference was relatively a success.


marooned84 said...

What's AISEC?

Da`/O~oNa said...

Hey Um an AIESECer too since a year now, but CU.. I should have been there, but sryfully I had an operation, so my health didn't help at all =D