Monday, October 27, 2008


It's chilly!
Officially so! I mean, even over the weekend, which I had spent in Alexandria(where it didn't rain), it rained! And it rained heavily for that matter.
First signs of winter: Blue fingertips. Yes, my circulation kind of sucks.
Anyway, on the 31st, I am supposed to be at Ras Sudr, attending an AIESEC conference, I'm kind of excited since it's Halloween and stuff. I was thinking of either going as Jackie Kennedy or a gypsy...or something..I might steal this idea as well.
I need to do hardcore working out this week, I have a wedding on the 5th (my cousin is getting married!) and I need to look amazing! It's from Mango, if I don't wear the leggings it would be..less cocktail-dress-esque right?
So, now I have two married cousins out of sixteen!

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