Monday, October 13, 2008


Tonight is one of the very few chilled-out nights I've had lately. I feel like I haven't relaxed for a while, so I thought I would just sit back and stretch today.
I have been going to that school to help out this week, and I don't know if I like it. Well, it is definatly more productive and fulfiling than researching and reading the newspapers every morning for a job.
I've been going to the gym as well.

I don't know why I don't have much to say, I just don't feel inspired, I need something to muse upon; how about that?
 Last week, I bought 1984, even though I haven't finished the eye of the sun nor did I finish another 4 or 5 books. I have no idea what is it that is wrong with me.
I mean, last night, I had spotted a parking space and by the time I reached it, someone else had parked there, guess what I did? I cried! Yes, actual, tearful crying.

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marooned84 said...

1984 is the most inspiring novel u can ever read, it made me write pages and pages, and triggered ideas in my mind more than I can deal with. I really recommend it if u're in a stupefying mood :)

what happened to that job u're supposed 2 start some time ago?