Monday, October 20, 2008


Sometimes the world becomes too much for you to take and you feel so faintly appreciated and everything is just...going wrong. It is this one long minute; when it all happens, that could ruin days.

It was that moment of anger, of fighting the guilt of not being there, replacing it with rage of being unappreciated.
It triggered it all.
It ruined it all.

There are also the moments when you're too arrogant to breakdown. Those moments when your ego fills you up, forbidding your mouth from letting the words out.
The words that would let it all out.
That would make it all alright.'re just on the verge of falling apart. And you'd do anything for anyone to hold you through it- for someone to hold you through it. Yet you would do anything for no one to notice.


marooned84 said...

I thought u had that someone.. u've been writing about him some months ago, when I 1st stumbled on ur blog!

good luck with sorting it out :)

afiori said...

sorry you feel that way :(
hold your own hand, you'll be okay.